Upset Recovery,  Aerobatics, and Spin Training

Allow us to take you through several different upset scenarios in the safety of our fully aerobatic Super Decathlon.  We offer several training packages to meet your specific needs:

Aerobatics Demonstration Flight--$325**

(1 hour flight demonstration, no training provided)





Basic Spin/Upset Training--$800

(2 hours ground, 2 hours flight training)

   Accelerated stalls

   Cross-controlled stalls


   Inverted Upset Recovery

Introduction to Aerobatics--$1500

(3 hours ground, 4 hours flight training)

   Basic spin/upset training package, PLUS

   Aerobatic maneuvers including:

       Aileron rolls



**A great introductory flight for the slightly more adventurous!

Due to circumstances beyond our control (ie the owner sold the aircraft we were using) our upset/spin training and tail wheel classes are currently on hold.  We are actively trying to find a replacement aircraft, so please be patient and check back soon!

We offer spin training as a stand-alone option,  whether you just want to experience spins without the risk of tumbling the gyros in your own aircraft, or if you are a CFI looking to fulfill the spin training requirements of 61.183(i)(1).


Our team of experienced instructors is also available to teach basic aerobatics maneuvers as well, from aileron rolls and loops to snap rolls, Cuban 8s, and combination maneuvers.  Note that the Basic Spin/Upset Training course must be completed first