Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Advanced Ratings/Training

Get your initial flight certificate with our team of experienced instructors to guide you along the way.  This certificate allows you to fly day or night in good weather with passengers, and typically takes 60-70 hours of training--be careful of other companies promising to finish your certificate in the 40 hour MINIMUM flight training requirement!  Safe, proficient pilots are our #1 goal.  Contact us to speak with an instructor for more information.  Click HERE for more information about this certificate.

Ready to move on to the next challenge in your flight journey?  Tired of canceling your trips because of a few low clouds or rain showers in the way?  Ready to improve your skills and become an even safer pilot?  Then now is the time to add an instrument rating to your pilot certificate!  All of our training aircraft are IFR equipped.  Our instrument instructors all have charter or airline experience, so you will not only get the training required to pass the practical exam, you will get insight into what it takes to actually fly IFR in the extremely complex New York/Boston airspace systems.

Commerical, CFI, CFII, tailwheel and advanced avionics transition training available.  We can also do upgrade/transition training in your own aircraft, including multi-engine and turbine aircraft. **Note that as of Aug 27, our DA40 can be used for the 10 hours of complex/TAA aircraft training required for a commercial certificate