Introductory Flights/Sightseeing

Call or stop by to schedule your first introductory flight now!  They also make great gifts.  Go up in one of our training aircraft and spend an hour learning how to fly an airplane, or just go up an see the local sights (typical routes are Litchfield/Candlewood Lake, or New Haven/Yale/Long Island Sound).  Perfect bucket list item.

Two adults, or one adult and two children (weight and weather restrictions apply).

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Introductory Acrobatic Flights

No flight experience necessary.  Experience the full range of flight motion available with a one hour acrobatic flight lesson.  Your instructor will walk you through the target scenario (you decide how 'extreme' you want it to be, as well as how much of the flying you want to try), show you how to preflight the airplane, and then take you up over northwest CT for the flight.

Limit one customer per flight, weight limit 250lbs.

** please note that the weather has to be very good

for this type of flight