Flight Reviews

BFR includes minimum of:

1.5 hours ground

1 hour flight (minimum) to include:

  power on and power off stalls

  slow flight

  steep turns

  simulated engine emergencies

  short/soft field takeoffs and landings

  emergency landings

  course tracking

**note all maneuvers must be passed to the standards on your certificate--private, commercial, or ATP

IPC includes minimum of:

2 hours hours ground

1.5 hour flight (minimum) to include:

  power off stalls

  unusual attitudes

  steep turns

  two precision and two non-precision approaches, one of which must be partial panel

  course tracking

  holding procedures

**note all maneuvers/approaches must be done under simulated instrument conditions



Your airplane or ours...we can help you get current and comfortable.  Push your personal minimums, and challenge yourself.

  • IFR to low minimums

  • VFR into busier controlled airspace like Boston or NYC

  • Hudson Corridor


  • Smaller airports in challenging terrain

  • Crosswind landings

  • Aircraft transition/upgrade training